A Guy Wanted to Pay these Girls $1,500 for their Nhaked Pics; See what happened


Ghanaian based in Netherlands, Teddy Boateng (aka Teddy Coaches) promised these girls (Juliet Amponsah and Akpienchaab Mariam) as much as $1,500 each for their nudes.

In both cases, he approached the girls in a decent way; greeted and suggested a business offer to them. Intrigued and curious, they asked him what it was and he suggested as much as GHS 3,000 each for their nudes.

They rejected the offer and he doubled it right away. They still rejected it and he started insulting them.

Juliet reached out to NsromaMedia.Com with a transcript of what went on between them:




As a growing person, no one can tell you how to spend the money you earn but if you choose to give it away for nude pictures, you have no right to insult the person who rejects it.

NsromaMedia.Com has been reporting men who harass women and in some cases women who harass their fellow women. There was this one time  a girl tried recruiting another girl into her prostitution business.

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