Love is Not For Mouth, It Must be Followed by Giving-Pastor Mensa Otabil


Popular Ghanaian pastor and General overseer of the International Central Gospel Church in Accra, Mensa Otabil has advised couples to be financially generous to loving their partners.

He stressed the need for men to always give to their partners adding that the attributes of love is that it gives and it shares.

The Prophet who is known for his provocative words said that they should not wait till the time the woman will begin to ask them,

’Where is the love?’ He further stated that if they profess love to their wife, babe, sweetheart or whatever they call her, the love should be accompanied with the action of giving.

‘Love gives, love shares. Pretty soon your wife is going to say ‘Where is the love?’ These days women too can do what men do, men if you tell a lady, ‘you know I love you sweetheart, you know I love you babe,’ or whatever you call them these days, ‘I love you’, where is the money? Love must be followed by giving. Don’t just do mouth mouth. You must show it,’ he said.

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