PHOTOS: The Things this ‘Snake Girl’ Can Do With her Body Will Shock You


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Undoubtedly she is the snake woman of Africa! The things she does with the body marvels and shock; it is as though she has not bone in her body.

While it is understandable that some people’s bodies have changed and become flexible because of the series of exercises they do, we also have to understand that some people are naturally flexible.

There is an extent to which a full grown man can twist his body irrespective of his flexibility. Anything that passes that level is thought to be scary as people worry about the person breaking a bone or twisting the organs of the body.

Some people simply cannot watch when they see flexible people pull off their stunts; they feel those extremely flexible people are no longer human since their bodies can be likened to a rubber that stretches and go back to its form.

But when it comes the lady that is referred to as the snake woman of Africa, you will be totally amazed. This lady has defied the odds when it comes to flexibility; she has won the hearts of many people within and outside the African continent.

She is gifted and unique in her own way; she is able to throw her body into awkward shapes and positions with little or no efforts. The clothes she wears are snake-like making her look more slithery when she changes position.

This is simply flexibility at its peak; this African woman got her title as a result of the unique talent she has. Find below some of the pictures of the woman called the snake woman of Africa:

1. Meet Nokulunga Buthelezi


The snake woman is a South African who is known as Lunga because of her ability to contort her body. You may never see this as big deal until you get into that position. She can bend her body in ways that will make you feel like she does not have bones at all.

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