PHOTOS: Meet The Hottest Couple; He Was Born A Woman And She Was Born A Man


Atlanta’s hottest couple, MARQUISE and FELICITY are currently trending online. The guy was born a woman and the babe was born a man. Shocking right? Check out their photos.

Ever since The Kardashian’s Bruce Jenner’s coming out publicly about his transgender status, and becoming Caithlyn sent the social media abuzz for days,  all types of non-traditional relationships have since been popping up all over the internet.


A hot transgender couple is currently trending on social media. It was revealed that the guy was born a woman and the lady was originally born a man before their respective sex change.


We just learned about one of Atlanta’s hottest couples MARQUISE and FELICITY. What makes them so DIFFERENT, you ask? Well MARQUISE was born a FEMALE and FELICITY was born a male. Oh, it gets more interesting. Marquise still has a VAGINA and Felicity still got a d*ck.

See photos of the couple below



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