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9 Ghanaian Celebrities Who Need To Hit The Gym ASAP!



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In our part of the world, putting on weight is regarded as evidence of one living a “good life” and so when someone starts to lose weight, it automatically gets people speculating that the person might be on the downside of their life.

Nowadays, people are making a more conscious effort to make healthier choices for a better life following several reports of (for instance) some celebrities either falling ill or losing their lives to preventable diseases.

In Ghana, the likes of Citi FM’s Jessica Saforo and Sammy Forson of the EIB Network have proven that weight management among Ghanaians is a possibility.

However, some celebrities have managed to climb to the top of the list of celebrities who have put on some disposable weight and have got fans talking behind their backs.

Maybe it’s time for these 9 celebrities to ditch the bankus and jollofs and hit the gym?

1. Jackie Appiah

Recent pictures emerging show that Jackie seems to be going in hard on the banku…

8 Ghanaian celebrities who need to hit the gym ASAP!

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