Guys Get In Here, 9 Signs A Girl Shows When She Wants You To Make Love To Her


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Do you know the signs of female arousal?

Do you know at any time the arousal level of your partner? How horny is your girl right now?

Do you have to know her signs of arousal?

Let me answer the last question for you:

YES!! You have to know exactly how horny your partner is in bed at any time.

And here is why you need to know.

When you are satisfying a woman in bed, it’s your job to decide what to do. It’s called leading, and it’s by default your job as a man to lead in bed.

This is good news, because when you’re leading in bed you can usually do whatever you want with your girl – as long as you follow only one very important rule:

Everything you do or say in bed has to fit in with what your partner is feeling.

Let me explain…

One of the main feelings in bed is arousal. The feeling of arousal is a sexual feeling, and whatever you do or say in bed has to be about as sexual as your partner’s arousal level.

Take ‘dirty kissing’ as an example. (If you don’t know – ‘dirty kissing’ is like French kissing, but with more tongue and spit. It’s more sexual – it’s dirty.)

The big question here is not if your partner likes ‘dirty kissing’ or not – of course she does, she’s a girl. The big question is if ‘dirty kissing’ fits in with your partner’s arousal level.

Since ‘dirty kissing’ is very sexual, you can only do this when your partner feels very sexual – when her arousal level is high. If you don’t know how aroused your partner is, then you have no idea if you can kiss her in a dirty way or not.

If you go for dirty kissing when you have just started making out, then she’ll be turned off by you. The action you’re taking – dirty kissing – is much more sexual than what she feels. You are being a creep.

20 minutes later, while having hot, steamy sex, then kissing dirty is perfect. Your girl feels highly aroused, and she wants you to be very sexual. In this situation, when your partner’s arousal level is high, kissing her softly and gently would be out of context, and she would lose her arousal.

In other words, you can turn your partner on by doing things that are as sexual as she is feeling. Or even better: do things that are slightly more sexual than your partner’s arousal level. In this way your actions will drive up your partner’s arousal level.

Now you understand why you need to know your partner’s signs of arousal. Her signs of arousal dictate your actions. Luckily for us guys, the female signs of arousal are pretty universal, and most of them are quite obvious.

Here are the top 9 signs of female arousal.

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