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6 Perfect Ghanaian Body Builders Who Are Attracting All The Ladies To The Gym



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Have you noticed how popular Keeping fit in Ghana has become of late? Especially among the middle class women, the practice of going to the gym and indulging in a healthier lifestyle is becoming a common phenomenon.

One of the reasons behind this surge in female gym memberships, as AlloGh.Com has found out is that some of the personal trainers are so magnetic and irresistible that they just want to go to the gym for “shege” reasons.

But the truth indeed is that, these trainers are so well sculpted that it motivates others to chase the dream of having the perfect body.

1. Flashkick

William Ofori-Attah popularly known as Flashkick, this gym freak started his transformation in 2012 and has since become of the most popular trainers in Ghana.

The men behind fitness in Ghana

He continues to challenge himself as well as his clients to be the best version of themselves.

The men behind fitness in Ghana

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