The 12 Dreadful Jose Mourinho Stats That Shows Just How Bad Things Are For Man United Right Now


Life is pretty tough for Jose Mourinho right now.

Just a few months into The (Not-So) Special One’s reign at Old Trafford, Man United’s season is already in danger of shambolic collapse.

But are things really THAT bad? Is Mourinho’s record with the Red Devils really THAT terrible?

Take a look at these stats and judge for yourself…

1. Jose Mourinho has reached five defeats as Man United manager quicker (17 games) than any United boss since Dave Sexton (15 games)… in 1977.

2. At this stage of their United careers, both David Moyes and Louis van Gaal were performing better than Mourinho.

3. Man United are currently as as close to the relegation zone as they are to the top of the Premier League table.

4. United are on 15 points. That is eight behind Man City, the team in first place. Unfortunately, it is also eight points ahead of Hull City, the team in 18th.

5. Man United have failed to score in the first half in seven of the last eight games in all competitions.

6. Since the start of last season, the only teams Jose Mourinho has beaten in the Premier League are: West Brom, Arsenal, Villa, Norwich, Bournemouth, Southampton, Hull and Leicester.

7. United have lost seven of their last eight away games in Europe, drawing the other (excluding qualifiers).

8. United have scored with just one of their last 91 shots in the Premier League.

9. Untied have missed more ‘big chances’ than any other side in this season’s Premier League.

10. In this season’s Premier League, only West Ham, Swansea and Southampton have a worse record in front of goal.

11. Their 37 shots against Burnley was the most ANY team has had in ANY Premier League match since records began.

12. Since his debut, United have won 56% of their Premier League games when Schweinsteiger has played. They have won 43% of the games he hasn’t.

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