6 Signs A Lady Want To Sleep With You When She Visits; Guys..Read And Learn


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I had a serious debate with couple of guys if ladies send signal when they visit a guy and want to sleep with him and the kind of signs they display. We couldn’t agree on the kind of signs they show or if they send the sign at all, guess because are guys So we at AlloGh.Com did the rational thing, conducted a poll.

We made sure not to be bias so we drew the list of women to be interviewed across board. We had Married women, Ladies in serious relationship, those in complicated relationship, the friends with benefits and all the types of relationship you know.

Although we had divergent answers concerning the kind of signs the they ladies put up when they visit and want to sleep with you, but it was concluded among the ladies that ladies indeed get on edge us guys do. We sampled the signs. Here are the commonest ones READ AND LEARN GUY

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