Ghana Vs. Nigeria! Which Country’s Male Celebrities got the Sexiest Bodies? See Photos And Be The Judge


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When it comes to male celebrities with damn hot bodies, Ghanaian celebrities got it but there is no doubt that Nigerian celebrities can win the contest too.

Aside from putting their hot bodies on display when at the beach or the pool to take a dip, they all like showing off their sexiness on their respective social media pages (to make the girls go wild, but we not complaining).

So today, we decided to take a poll and find out which county’s male celebs has got the most sexiest bodies, so we have selected six sexy male celebs with mind confusing bodies from both countries.

Check them out and cast your vote.

Let’s start with 6 Ghanaian male celebrities with hot sexy bodies;

1. Stephen Appiah
Ohh boy!! Stephen and his sexiness is all we need. He may have given up on football but he definitely didn’t give up work on that body. Work on it baby, and make it hot like early morning black coffee with no milk.

Stephen Appiah
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