Office workers film  couple Having Steamy S3x  Against The Window Of Their Hotel Room – Photos & Video


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Being filmed having sex against the window of their hotel room didn’t stop this couple from getting it on.

Shocked office workers from a nearby tower block couldn’t believe what they were seeing.
The amorous couple were naked and pressed against the glass having a good time in their Motel One hotel room, east London.

Workers are heard laughing as the couple’s steamy session continues for 20 minutes before they finally move away from view.
The excited pair continue to be intimate for the entirety of the 46-second long footage which was shot in broad daylight and in the middle of the day.
A spokesman for the hotel in Aldgate laughed off the matter and told MailOnline they would not be investigating.
The manager said: ‘It’s a hotel room, what should I say?’ We do not give comments on guests’ behaviour.’
One of the workers, who works locally but didn’t wish to be named, told The Sun: ‘It’s obviously not the kind of thing you see every day.
‘We couldn’t really believe it.

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