Amazing PHOTOS Of Ibrahim Mahama’s $35Million Private Jet- First Ghanaian To Own A Jet?



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A good friend once said that the difference between our brothers to the east, the Nigerians and us [Ghanaians] is that, a Nigerian will say; “I’m going to rob you” -and a Ghanaian would say, “hello sister / hello brother” (with a smile) -and you know what, -she’s soooo right!!!

We are sooo subtle, soooo under the radar -that, and I’ve said it before, -its possible to sit next to a Ghanaian with over 50 million sterling in his or her account and you’d never know!!! You wouldn’t know it from his or her clothes, from his or her hairstyle, the lack of pedicure, the ratty leather briefcase or faux leather handbag -etc etc!!! He or she would sit next to you like a bushman or woman -who has spent the morning drinking gari water and foraging for wood -no (mercy)???

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