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EL Blasts Ghana Music Awards UK ; Must See



VGMA artist of the Year EL is not happy with GMA UK organized by West Coast UK.

The multiple hit factory took to Twitter to call out organizers of the awards saying;

“Yo almost forgot, got nominations for this GMA.UK. They couldn’t find my picture for the poster or maybe my music aint good enough.

“Somebody send GMA UK my pic so that they can put me on their poster next time, No complain. Maybe dem no know the spelling. Abeg type EL Ghana. Or Maybe I offend somebody for that side. If so dier cool. I can’t help it If I offended you. You probably brought it on yourself. Sorry Loading”

Organizers of the awards tried explaining what happend on Twitter saying; EL, this is your personal nominee poster which you didn’t use, we send both posters to Stephan your manager.

Elom Adablah who currently promoting his Fefeefe single replied West Coast UK;

“You missing the point West Coast. Talking about the main poster. Check my tweet

If you not going to give EL top Billing on your event don’t put EL on it at all, feel me, we work too damn hard. I rep ELians to the fullest. No Half Half tins, Fullest or nothing”

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