Woman Catches Boyfriend Bonking His Own Mother !! What Happened Next  You Need See : Photos


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Reality is clearly stranger than fiction as witnessed by one Soweto woman Deliwe (24) after she caught her boyfriend and his mother doing the nasty.

The young couple who had recently moved in together called it quits without delay after this ince_stous act.
The matter might be taken to the police after all since ince_st is a crime in the Republic of South Africa.
“The mother was constantly visiting them. She was at their home week in, week out” a neighbour said.
“At first we thought maybe it’s because he( the boyfriend) is a mama’s boy who needs constant attention from his mother”

However after the unnatural frequency of the visits a friend told Deliwe to be on the lookout for her mother-in-law.
After feigning her absence Deliwe came back and got the shock of her life after catching the two red handed in the act.

The supposed reason was this was done for ritualistic purposes. The mother in law happens to be a very wealthy woman and to do this she has to go to bed with her son. This of course all under the advisement of a witch doctor.

It remains to be seen of course, if the state decided to pursue this case in the interest of justice and fairness.
Deliwe has since moved from the house and rumored to be staying in Pretoria now.

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