Prophecies: 2 Prophets Reveal the Winner of 2016 Elections


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The ruling party may be unpopular but for these pastors, President Mahama will retain his seat come December 7.

Prophet Joshua Iginla

Prophet Joshua Iginla The General Overseer of Champions Royal Assembly in Abuja, Nigeria, predicts that the ruling party will retain power.

“I see a robust economy and the Democrats still holding on to the seat in the election. The ruling party will retain the power,” he said.

Prophet Doctor Emmanuel Kofi Enim 

Prophet Doctor Emmanuel Kofi Enim“In a very explicit vision, I saw the president seated on a presidential seat and clad in a white wear with an inscription, 2016. I asked God the meaning of the vision and He told me President Mahama is destined to win the 2016 general election and would be enthroned for the second time as president” the founder and general overseer of Word Victory Chapel International said.

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