Photos: 4 Ghanaian Celebrities Who Regret Entering Politics


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A lot of people have been kicking against the idea of celebrities venturing into politics perhaps based on what history has taught us.

In Ghana, taking sides in the issue of partisan politics means a life sentence to whichever side you choose and unfortunately, this has gone against some celebrities who used to be in top form before they went partisan.

Here are four of the most notable celebrities who went down in their careers after openly engaging in politics in Ghana.

1. Clement Bonney – Mr. Beautiful

He used to be one of the most sought after actors in the Kumawood movie industry until he declared his support for the National Democratic Congress (NDC). Although a very good actor with a great sense of humour, Mr. Beautiful does not feature in a many movies like before. He admitted himself that it was due to his joining of the NDC that most of the movie makers side-lined him. He has however vowed never to stop campaigning for the party.

Celebrities who regret ever entering into politics

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