In Cars and 7 other Weird Places Legon Students Have Sex



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If you spent four years on the campus of University of Ghana, Legon, there is the likelihood that you are never going to taste a spice better that what Legon offered in your lifetime. That campus reeks of immorality, drunkenness and all sort of vices. Regardless, it is going to shock you to know that there are extremely religious students who burn the midnight candle in prayer-style–the Sarbah field etc. Today, I am touching on weird places Legon students do have sex on campus.

The Cars

Campus Security has caught more people having sex in cars than thieves. You wont believe it but that is the reality. Sad thing is that they are alleged to take 50cedi to make everything go away so you don’t usually hear about it. I remember in 2012, a friend was making a move in his car in front of the Psychology Department. He was caught and I had to go and bail him with 50cedi.

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