Woman arrested with $600 in her underwear but it’s not the end of it


– A woman was arrested while trying to deposit KSh 30,000 (~$300) fake money in Nanyuki

A middle aged woman has been arrested in Nanyuki with fake currency. The woman was arrested at an M-Pesa shop in Baraka Estate in the outskirts of Nanyuki as she was trying to deposit 30,000 shillings fake money.

Woman arrested with KSh 58,000 in her underwear

Laikipia East AP commander John Tarus (Left) with other police officers at his Nanyuki town office counting the fake money captured. Photo/The Star

The fake money was in the denominations of KSh1,000. Laikipia East AP commander John Tarus said police found KSh28,000 (~$280) stashed in her inner garments.

John Mburu, the owner of the M-Pesa shop, claims the first deposit the cash but she was told there was no float.

She had the money in her underwear and looked disturbed according John Mburu who called the police.

Laikipia East AP Commander John Tarus says that after the woman was arrested she was ransacked and more notes were recovered from her.

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