List of Top 10 Richest Women in Africa And Their Net Worth


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Gone are the days when women were regarded or considered as the weaker vessels, and they are naturally the fragile ones and regarded as specialists only in the kitchen. It used to be a norm when less was expected from them in the society, Thumbs up to all the ladies as we bring to you the top ten women listed in this post. They broke out of the norm and can walk with their heads held high both in Africa and the world.

List of Top Ten Richest Women In Africa And Their Net Worth


10.Elisabeth Bradley

Elisabeth’s dad was the one who introduced the Toyota brand to South Africa in 1961. She’s the director of AngloGold and currently the chairman of Wesco Investments and a board member of companies such as Standard Bank Group, Roseback Inn, and Hilton Hotel.

Net Worth: $32 Million

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