Top 10 Richest Nigerian Actors And Their Net Worth – 2016 List


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The film industry in Nigeria makes billions of naira yearly and has proven to be one of our major exports, which is one reason we need to guard it jealously. Our Actors and actresses are living examples. The life of fame, glamor, money and flamboyance has become the order of their day and its a life many of us day dream, simply put, alife of luxuries  that each of the actors is to leave in a movie we love.

Though celebrities are nocturnal by nature due to the nature of their profession, well known for their night movements, they spend practically half of their day playing games, drinking and sleeping which is majorly because they do their own outing at night but do not be deceived, more than half of them cannot boast of liquid cash of 5million in their accounts, not because they are broke but because they are high spenders, most lack the mentality of managing money which is the major reason they go broke after making so much, though this isnt peculiar to just Nigerian celebs, it’s a major virus that has been existing in this industry world wide.
Without boring you with too many talks about the lives of celebrities, let us go straight to the list of the top ten richest actors in Nigeria and their net worth? There are certain individuals whom I will say are the crème of the entertainment industry especially the actors and we base our estimations of their net worth on their endorsement deals with national and multinational companies, movie per show, properties in choice areas, investment and the likes. Now relax and glue your eyes to your screen as we bring you the top 10 richest actors in Nigeria from the least to the celebrity that graces our number spot.

Top 10 Richest Actors In Nigeria And Their Net Worth  – 2016 List Compiled By AlloGh.Com

Mike Ezuruonye
John Okafor

10.John Okafor (Mr Ibu)

The comic actor graces the number 10 position on our list of the top 10 richest actors in Nigeria, the name Mr Ebu was from a movie he featured in titled Mr Ibu that was where he gained popularity. A very interesting character to watch always. Due to his humorous nature, his videos are always in high demand. He is number 10 on the list of the richest actors in Nigeria, he is worth about 3million USD.

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