Duncan Williams banned from entering U.S.A for refusing to officiate  gay marriage


The U.S Department of State announced in a statement that, The founder of Action Chapel International, Archbishop Duncan Williams has been barred from entering the United States with immediate effect.

The statement says, Archbishop Duncan Williams condemned gay marriage and refused to officiate gay marriage by calling it “a sin against Bible teachings”.

United States Embassy was petitioned by one of the couple, who is an American and getting married to his same-sex partner who happens to a Ghanaian of the Pastors decline to officiate the marriage.

“Marriages are meant for man and woman, not man and man. I do not officiate such marriages” – The man of God reaffirm his stand when contacted by the United States embassy.

Gay-friendly countries are recently hitting the news for banning pastors from entering their countries. South Africa recently banned American preacher Steven Anderson for his comments against same-sex marriages. Ugandan musician Bobi Wine was banned from entering the U.K for condemning the act.

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