5 Popular Ghanaians Whose Marriages Were Rocked By Scandals


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5 Popular Ghanaians Whose Marriages were Rocked By Scandals

They are popular and therefore, we are interested in every bit of their lives. Whatever they do, whether positive or negative, good, bad, ugly, great, excellent matters and gets people talking

 Most of these popular people especially the ladies, are not married and the few that are married have had their marriages rocked with scandals. 

We decided to look around and bring you 6 popular Ghanaians whose marriages were rocked with Scandals on the next page.

This is perhaps the most publicized celebrity marital scandals ever. Christiana Love, now Obaapa Christy and her then husband, Pastor Love Kweku Hammond, General Overseer of the Life Power Miracle Church, actually brought their dirty clothes outside and gave them a thorough wash. Pastor Love accused Christy of infidelity. According to him, Christy was flirting with one Nana Yaw in Germany. He even accused her of being pregnant for him (Nana Yaw). Christy also accused her husband of sleeping with his church members. She said he even sometimes proposes to ladies in her presence. She further accused him of beating her up and tearing her clothes at the least provocation, raping her (Christy) own sister and threatening to kill her if she told anyone and was sleeping with their house help.

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