11 Things You Should Never Say to Single People At Weddings


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Going to a wedding as a single guest can be a blast: You’re free to mingle with all the sexy single groomsmen and tear up the dance floor with your friends without having to worry about appeasing your date. But on the flip side, it’s a situation that can become a breeding ground for rude, invasive questions and socially awkward moments you’d rather forget (i.e. being the only one at the table during a slow song, trying to make your mediocre steak last as long as humanly possible). Pro tip for coupled folks trying to make small talk with single people?

Avoid these eleven phrases.

1. “Always a bridesmaid, never the bride.”

This person deserves to have their eyeballs scooped out with a spoon. What are you, pray tell, a fortune teller who can look into my sad and lonely future?

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