The 12 Most Powerful Ghanaian Celebrities you need to know


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Most Powerful Ghanaian Celebrities

There are a lot of popular people in Ghana but few celebrities. See , most of the people you call celebrities are not.A lot of them are not an inch close to the word. A celebrity is a famous and widely known person. It doesn’t end there that person should be renown or quality of being widely honoured and acclaimed.

Celebrities are powerful , they control a crowd or a section of the populace or their followers. Some of them are treated by their fans as “cult”. They can cause a “particular change of circumstances” at certain point in times.

Now – these are the list in no particular order:


Sarkodie warmed the hearts of many Ghanaians with his superb fast style of rap and inadvertently raised the bar as he grows.He is the today, most underground rappers wants to sound like him.

He is their inspiration. He’s been the admiration of both fans and professionals in the music industry. The grand papa of hiplife, Reggie Rockstone even once proposed that a statute should be built in his honour.

This gentleman has really disciplined himself in his endeavors and even the president of MUSIGA, Bice Osei Kuffour popularly known as Obour, has even commended him on his ability to finance his own performance to really high standards.

His fans are always ready to defend him with the speed of light and as he once said in one of his lines, “He’s got soldiers behind him” and yes it’s true, his fans are his soldiers.Sarknation, sarknatives and the likes always rally behind him.

Sarkodie and his girlfriend Tracy

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