Lives Of Celebrities At Old Age , Why Do They Run Poor After Living Luxuriously ? Must Read 


I find it absurd when I hear people who call themselves celebrities begging for financial support when they are sick.

These so called celebrities are the same people who drive in flashy cars, drink expensive alcoholic beverages, smoke all kinds of expensive cigar, eat expensive foods and spend money on women as if it’s the end of the world.

Why do they ask for financial support when they fall sick, isn’t it foolishness to spend all your money on earthly things and not get money for your health care?

Over the years, most so called celebrities, especially the men have been falling sick, most of them also die because they are not able to afford the bills for their health care.

Ask yourself, <strong>What at all are we celebrating about these so called “Celebrities</strong>”?

They do not donate to the poor people who need their help and yet they cannot even make medical provisions for themselves in any unforseen occurence?

Isn’t that shameful, yet most of them still cannot learn from the past occurrences of their colleagues, can’t these so called celebrities make a decision, set up a welfare fund and contribute on monthly bases for their own welfare rather than always begging for support when they are in critical condition?

Else where in the world celebrities rather contribute financially to help build the society, they give back to the poor instead of relying on the tax payers monies and also selfish politicians who are seeking votes.

These politicians donate huge amounts of monies to the so called celebrities just because they want them to vote for them and additionally campaign for them.

This must stop, there are people who rather should be supported by politicians, there are poor people lying down in the hospitals, on the streets homeless who could hardly afford for their hospital bills or even feed themselves yet no one comes to their aid.

They die on the streets and are buried like dogs, yet so called celebrities enjoy all the luxury life yet are always supported by the rich from the coffers of the poor.

Is it a crime to be poor and live amongst greedy rich people who always torment the poor with their wicked and selfish lifestyles?

Or is it because these so called stomach celebrities are popular and so that makes them more important than the poor man lying down in the hospital who needs 200 cedis for his medical expenses?

That’s total wickedness, greediness, if all these years of shooting and producing movies and they cannot afford their hospital bills, then where does their earnings go?

This is not only to the so called celebrities in Ghana, it also goes to the Nigerian folks who are always soliciting for funds on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter when they fall sick.

If they are able to buy expensive cars, spend money on night clubs and parties, pay for the services of sex workers, then they must be able to pay for their medical expenses rather than disgrace themselves in front of the world.

Why can’t they sell their expensive cars and jewelleries and pay for their hospital bills, after all, they have not done anything valuable to be celebrated for.

If you entertain or educate me in movies and you cannot educate me further in real life to be cautious and responsible with how to spend money, then there is no need to refer to you as a celebrity.

Celebrities are supposed to educate the masses, both in movies and in their real lifes so if you cannot do that, then you have a question mark around your life.

I’ll also take this opportunity to commend musician, Kwame Asare Obeng popularly known as A Plus who has come to the rescue of a 15-year-old boy who is in urgent need of funds for a surgery and a prosthetic leg after he was hit by a reckless driver two years ago.

These are the type of people who deserve the title <strong>Celebrity </strong>not just any popular figure who goes naked in a movie or sings one song and he or she will come begging for financial aid.

This Nonsense Of Begging For Financial Support When These So Called Celebrities Fall Sick Must Stop! 

They should live a responsible life and stop begging for support when they fall sick because it’s a total disgrace.

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