5 Sweet and Sultry Sex Positions for Your First Time


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For many people, first-time sex is kinda … meh. Awkward fumbling + potential free-floating anxiety + unbidden thoughts like, OMG! I am having sex right now! = a lower-than-usual chance of actually having an orgasm the first time out. Sorry. #Truth.

However, you can still make it hot, romantic, and fun by:

  • Finding a private, safe spot.
  • Making sure you’re relaxed and entirely sure you want to go through with it.
  • Taking the time to let yourself get fully aroused. (If someone wants to bone you and doesn’t want to wait and help make this happen, lock the gates, sister.)
  • Lubing the fuck up. (Even better, squeeze some lube onto his fingers and have him rub it on for you.)
  • Having him wear a condom — obv.
  • Relax even more. Something weird will happen. There may be a queef, a fart, or your bodies might make weird slappy noises when you’re doin’ it. He may slip out or might be pressing his dick diligently in non-quite-the-right spot. Just laugh and start kissing again, and you’ll be just fine. Stick to basic positions that are comfortable and easy, like:


First time sex is all about connecting in an incredibly intimate way with someone. If you want to really go deep in that direction, try a side-by-side position. You can gaze into each other’s eyes, touch souls and whatnot, plus the angle isn’t known for deep penetration, lowering your chances of receiving a mechanical jackhammer pounding. (Note to men re: the jackhammering — No. Just no.)

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