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This is how the the #KalyppoChallenge started



Here is how the #KalyppoChallenge started.

It started as a propaganda post to make fun of the New Patriotic Party Presidential candidate,Nana Akuffo Addo for sipping Kalyppo which in Ghana is mostly enjoyed by children rather than elderly individuals.


A-Plus drinking Kalyppo

However, the picture posted online could not stand the test of time as the opposition rather used it to their advantage. They pushed the picture telling the story of #promotingmadeinGhana.


Ursula Owusu

This was followed by taking selfies drinking Kalyppo by mostly party faithful and posting it on various social media platforms.


Kalyppo challenge

The craze took a new dimension when officials of the party also joined the fray by taking great pictures of themselves sipping Kalyppo in their various offices and posting them on social media.


Kalyppo challenge

Kalyppo challenge

Kalyppo challenge

Kalyppo challenge

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