PHOTOS: Top 10 Rappers Who Can Sing Well


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Singing and rapping are two different things and for one to do both well means they are really talented. Considering our rappers in the country, majority of them have tried their best doing some choruses or singing in one or two of their songs which worked for them.

Below is the list of top ten mainstream rappers who are very good rappers and have excelled by singing on a song.


obrafour alive

Despite the fact that Ghanaians call him the all time best rapper in the country, the rap ‘Sofuor’ as he is affectionately called, is very good when it comes to singing. His style of singing has influence on most of his songs.

Critically, Obrafour has more of high life songs than hip life songs. Songs that show how good Obrafour is vocally are: No Short Cut to Heaven, Odasani, Maa Abena, Wiase, Odo and many more. He is a musician who can sing and rap at the same time without a support from a singer.

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