Shocking! Two lesbian reverend sisters get married, Pope reacts


Two lesbian reverend sisters reportedly caused the pope some moments of sadness after news of their marriage filtered in.

The nuns identified as 44-year-old Federica and 40-year-old Isabel, decided to take their love for each other to another height, and this has caused Pope Francis and the vatican a moment of sadness.

According to reports, the nuns had decided that it was okay for them to get married after they had heard a pontificate made by the pope earlier, where he had said “Who am I to judge?”. According to them, “the idea opened their hearts.”

The couple who met and fell in love while working as missionaries in Guinea-Bissau, got married in a civil ceremony on September 28, in Pinerolo, in Northern Italy.

According to the Vatican’s deputy secretary of state Archbishop Angelo Becciu, the pope was very sad when news of the marriage got to him. In a tweet, Becciu said:

“How much sadness on the Pope’s face when I read him the news of the two married ‘nuns’!”

When interviewed by an Italian newspaper La Republica, the newlyweds reportedly said:

“There are many such cases where priests or nuns hide their relationships with men or women. We felt alone, more than that, we felt abandoned.”

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