Favorite Cars Of ‘Sakawa Boys’ in Ghana and why they Like these cars Will Shock You


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Don’t know why “Sakawa boys in Ghana” Like these 6 particular Cars

Someone might be wandering what at all this “sakawa” term is all about.It isn’t a new term in Ghana but if today happens to be your first time of hearing it; Sakawa is the local term for internet fraud.

Those involved in this act use various means including the spiritualism,voodooism to get what they want from their victims or clients they call it.

After getting their money, they then proceed to acquire some property with the first mostly being a car. Yes, they love cars. You’ll have one sakawa boy with about 5 cars.

However, they don’t just buy any car, there are certain specific cars that they love and below are 6 of them presents to you;

1. Toyota Corolla


This might be probably the first car they acquire before they buy any other.Well, Maybe for it’s fuel economy.

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