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Guys , 10 ways to give your woman multiple orgasms And Make Her Cum Within 5 Minutes



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1. Create a romantic atmosphere: Remember stress and sex don’t go well together. So if you are planning a sizzling act for the bedroom, it’s imperative that you set the right mood for her. Gauge her emotions before you ask or initiate a lovemaking session. Is she in the mood for it or is she too stressed or tired? Knowing her mood is the key to start the night right. If you are oblivious to the emotions of your partner, then it’s foolish to expect an exciting climax from her, forget multiple orgasms.

To get her in the mood, put in some effort. When it comes to a woman, the importance of conversation cannot be understated, so make it a point to talk to her and reassure her about your feelings for her. Take her in your arms and ask about her day. Hold her by the waist and bring her close; look deep into her eyes and talk. But don’t forget that just because you are in the mood doesn’t necessarily mean that she is too. Don’t try to patronise her; it’s not going to work. Instead tell her that she needs a much deserved break and lead her towards the bedroom. Candle lights, aromatic fragrances, dim lights, all can help you to create a light, stress free, romantic mood for the night. If you can offer her a relaxing massage just for a few minutes, even better. While this may seem like too much effort, relationships are built on the premise of unconditional love – giving without expectation of returns, besides the returns can be quite amazing! 

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