This is the Man who Leaked Agya Koo’s Secret Tape and here are his Reasons


A former spokesperson of the Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG), Michael Ola, has confessed that he was the one who leaked Agya Koo’s tape.

Few days after making known his decision to campaign for the NPP, a tape sprung suggesting that he made the decision because the NDC had sidelined him and his attempts to get to the first family for financial gains proved futile.

Michael Ola has justified his actions stating that he could not sit back and watch Agya Koo lie about the Mahama-led administration.

According to Ola,  Agya Koo joined the NPP after he was denied access to the president to make negotiations.

“I have not posted the leaked tape on any WhatsApp group platform, I just released it to the media, because some time ago I came out to say that we should get the import ofAgya’s statement during his press conference right. We were debating about his statement, we were only trying to tell people that what he said cannot be true,” he stated.

Agya Koo is yet to respond to the leaked tape which a section of the public has said it’s doctored

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