You will be shocked at how much top Ghanaian musicians now charge per show (Guess who topped the list)


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Highest paid Musicians in Ghana

Few years or decades ago, a career in music was considered ‘useless’ in Ghana.People who choose to do music were considered aimless.Now there several Highest paid Musicians in Ghana.

But things have changed tremendously, musicians are actually raking in monies that white-collar workers can’t even dream of.

Now music is not about people who were perceived to be drop-out. M.anifest , a rapper holds a 2nd degree and a host of others who are well educated but doing music now.

Here’s how much top Ghanaian musicians charge per show.

18.GURU – ¢9,000


Guru is one of the most  consistent since his breakthrough. It’s almost as if he records a hit song or two every year. Guru charges a minimum of ¢9,000 for local shows and up to ¢30,000 for international gigs.

Rumor had it that he charged as much as $20,000 to perform a show in Gabon. That should tell you how serious the game is getting into.

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