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How To Easily Seduce Ghanaian Women



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So my Roomie back in school was a “ladies man”back in the day and he could get laid by just snapping a finger. He got me interested so i made a little research into his methods and the psychology behind seducing Ghanaian women without getting insulted or abused in any ways and my findings…….

Okay, let’s face it, we all want super powers, including the ability to seduce a woman. You want to seduce her as soon as possible, especially the Ghanaian ones, do not blame yourself, blame the testosterone. But how can you seduce a woman in the right manner so that she offers you to come home with her, instead of a tight slap or the “kwa**a!” insult?

  • Think Like a Woman Even If You Aren’t One

Yes, this is hard but the whole idea is to SLOW down. Remember that most women are not only sensitive but are really clever and  sometimes experienced too they know what men want and they know how a men disguises his words—they have a sixth sense for such things. Do not ask her to get into bed with you on the first date or else she will be out before you know it.


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