Any Pastor Who Doesn’t Give His Wife ORGASM Will Go To Hell- Counsellor Lutterodt


Controversial Counsellor Lutterodt is back with a bang with a new bizarre pronouncement set to get tongues wagging.

The man most known for courting controversy with his ‘advice’, has some for preachers in the country, who he says are headed to hell if they do not mend their ways.

Counsellor Lutterodt said some men of God in the country are unable to provide their wives with good s*x, something which he says is leading them straight into the pit of hell.

“There are a lot of men of God in this country and beyond who will likely find themselves in hell because they are not having proper s*xual intercourse with their wives,” he said.

The Bible says if you don’t live with them (wives) with understanding, your prayers will be hindered and I am telling you that some men of God are not anointed because they have not done well with their wives”.

How stupid of a position is that? All the times Jesus talked about the requirements for being saved – which is simply believing in him as Lord and personal saviour – remember the portion where he said not f*cking your wife well would stop you from being saved?

No? Me neither – because it doesn’t exist. Lutterodt is making things up again!

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