Popular Nollywood Actor Reveals How He Refused Sell His Sperms For $64,000 – Shocking


Talented Nollywood actor, Ikechukwu Mitchel Ogbonna spoke to LIB yesterdayon his greatest temptation since coming into prominence.

According to the actor,

‘There are times when I was broke to zero Naira, I’d leave my friend’s place to visit my sister at the bridge clinic to ask for as little as N2000 (Two Thousand Naira).

On that fateful day while sitting waiting for my sister, a woman met me with her husband and offered me N20m to donate my sperm, who probably was impotent.

The actor admitted he thought about it but couldn’t imagine selling his own offspring.

‘After thinking about the offer, I told myself that I would be a very great man someday, and my kids will live out of sight because that is the highest temptation; I have ever experienced in all my life.”

He also revealed reasons why he would be a loyal partner to his Colombian wife, Sonia.

‘I see my wife as a perfect Soulmate. Secondly she’s my best friend. Thirdly we live more like brother and sister than husband and wife. Most times, we forget we are a couple because we don’t hide a single thing from each other. Lastly, she is a wise and clever person and for this reasons, I wouldn’t want her to be discredited in public.’

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