13 Ghanaian Celebrities Who Have  Bleached Very Badly 


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Skin bleaching or skin lightening as the culprits prefer to call is not something new in Ghana and the Ghanaian showbiz as well. Most of us have witnessed bunch of family members, neighbours and bunch of top celebrated personalities who have tried to get rid of the ‘black’ skin tone for a ‘white’ complexion with the notion that they would look ‘fresh’ as they best described.

From time immemorial, many activists in Ghana have condemned the act with countless ‘skin bleaching’ campaigns. The recent one was anti-skin bleaching campaign themed “Say No To Skin Bleaching” launched by movie producer and actress, Ama K. Abebrese.
With massive support from winner of Miss Malaika Ghana 2012Hamamat, actress Nana Ama Mcbrown and actress/singer Paulina Oduro, Ama K. mounted huge billboards in Accra to raise the skin bleaching and toning awareness.
It was successful, but not too successful because some Ghanaians including celebrities have proven adamant to the campaign.
The latest on the skin bleaching radar is boxerBraimah Kamoko aka Bukom Banku. Photos of the maverick boxer recently hit social media, leaving everyone wondering why a person of his calibre decided to look white.
He gave some unintelligent reasons saying his wife influenced him and the funniest is that, he wants to become Ghana’s ambassador to Germany. Aside just bleaching, the boxer cum singer spends a ridiculous amount of money on the chemical he bleaches with. According to him, he spends GHC1,000.00 weekly just on bleaching. Isn’t that ridiculous?
 Social media slammed him – in fact, a well-deserved one in my opinion.
Today, David Mawuli wants to take you back to 13 Ghanaian celebrities have been accused and as well trolled for allegedly bleaching their skin. See below the list below;

1. Nana Acheampong

Highlife musician, Nana Acheampong

The former Lumba Brothers group member is one of my Highlife mentors from childhood. But, Nana’s look changed from time to time until his appearance looked different from the normal black skin we used to see. In his recent music videos, you can clearly see the changes in his complexion and that’s very bad.

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