Meet Wakonta Kapunda, The Beautiful Disabled Lady Who Uses Her Tongue To Write Scripts


In most parts of the world, disabled people often limit themselves to what they should do and can be able to achieve.

For others, they strive hard to make a difference among rest whiles for others, they live their life as if they were born to suffer.

However, we have to agree that most disabled people are traumatised by people around them, people who should rather be encouraging them and giving them hope.

We all know some people were born as cripples and others became disabled due to accidents beyond their control.

Some commit suicide as they can’t live with the trauma of having people do the things they would have done for themselves.

Being disabled is never the end of the world, that’s what compelled Wakonta Kapunda, a beautiful young screenwriter from Tanzania who types with her tongue.

Yes, she writes with her tongue and I know you are surprised and probably asking if she was born a cripple.

Well, she wasn’t born a cripple, it was due to someone’s recklessness that rendered Wakonta a cripple.

Wakonta sadly had a fatal car accident at her high school graduation day, four years ago which left her whole body paralysed.

If it was you, what would you have done after finding out your body has been paralysed?

Sit at home and depend on your family to do everything for you I guess?

However, Wakonta Kapunda never did what majority of disabled people would have done, she found inspiration in film.

After several months of treatment, her whole body was left paralysed, but Wakonta’s hopes of being a screenwriter was never paralysed.

Wakonta who recently took part in a screen-writing class in Zanzibar, where the BBC caught up with her now she uses her tongue to write film scripts, respond to phone calls and send texts, and wants to restore hope to other quadriplegics with her work.

Wakonta Kapunda has not allowed her disability to affect her creativity and passion to write film scripts.

So what was that excuse you were giving? Be inspired no matter your circumstance or situation. #Beinspired

The next time you see a hopeless disabled person, don’t mock or make them feel useless, you can give them encouraging words which can lead them to discover their hidden talents.


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