Meet the top 20 richest people in Ghana. #8 & #17 will shock you.


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The richest people in Ghana have been

revealed after extensive research by Ghanaian
management and consulting firm, Goodman

Unlike their Nigerian counter-parts, wealthy
Ghanaians are thought to be conservative in
stating their actual wealth ostensibly due to
tax obligations and other personal misgivings,
but Goodman AMC appears to have gone
behind the scene to extract that information
and come out with the ‘Ghana Wealth Report’.

The report follows Goodman AMC tracking of
successful entrepreneurs and investors in
Ghana who have $100 million or more in
assets and investments.

The findings reveal that the top 80 richest
people in Ghana have a combined wealth of
$29.3 billion and employ over 150,000
Ghanaians directly.
Goodman AMC’s Ghana Wealth Report
discovered 3 billionaires and 77
multimillionaires who all form part of a group
of individuals called the Ultra-High-Net-Worth
Individuals (UHNWI).

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