Ladies, This Is How To Avoid Your Boyfriend Filming And Leaking Your SEXTAPE!!


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These days, celibacy doesn’t seem to be in the dictionary of most millennials. Sex rules. It has become the paramount act in relationships.

Most young ladies profess their love by indulging in sexual activities with their partners – because it is basically they only way they know how.

However, there is a big problem here. The lack of trust among young couples make them do unimaginable things like videoing their private sexual encounters and disseminating them on social media as a petty act of revenge in case of breakups. It’s become some sort of insurance, a strong hand to pursue blackmail.

Even worse, it’s often done in the name of vane entertainment.

1.Mandatory Scan

Don’t take any chances. When you enter the venue, side line your thirst and focus. Keep your eyes peeled. Scan that room like your life depends on it. Does he have a laptop? Spot it and close it. A desktop? Don’t shut it down oo – unplug the damn thing. His phone? Make sure you know where it is. Look, even if it is yam – a NOKIA 3310 without camera capabilities – just make sure you know where it is. Better still, make sure you know it’s off. It’s sex time, not a communication studies class. Stay woke.

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