Find Out How Bishop Obinim Made A 45 Year Old Woman Who Has Not Had Sex In 6 Years Pregnant After Spiritual Visit


According to the latest testimony in his church, as recounted by his media officer Joseph Osei Oppong Brenya, the Bishop appeared in a woman’s dream and later she became pregnant – mimicking the virgin Mary case exactly as it happened in the bible.

The only difference being that the woman is not exactly a virgin, nor a young maiden, and that there is no mention in the Bible of Mary using Obinim’s special oil. But the end product is the same – a woman giving birth without having s*x after some spiritual hoo-la-la.

Obinim, who enjoys cult status among his followers, has been credited with all manner of miracles including raising people from the dead,magically transporting them across thousands of miles ans spiritually replacing kidneys. It matters not what one says against the prophet, his followers literally believe he is an angel here on earth and with this latest miracle, one can say he has even surpassed what Jesus accomplished on earth.

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