2 Ladies Who Gang Raped One Guy In The Viral Video Tell Their Side Of The Story – Watch The Rape Video


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A Hluhluwe man has said he will not be able to forgive the three (the third one held the camera) women who raped him.

A video of the incident appeared on social media and has since gone viral.

The man, whose name is known to the Daily News, said he was at home when a woman whom he knows called him over, saying she needed help with an electrical problem at her home.

“I went into her house and when I got there, I saw another girl in the room. I did not pay any attention to her. Then another girl who was hiding behind the door closed it, that’s when I realised that something was wrong.”

He said after they closed the door behind him, they told him they wanted to sleep with him.

“I initially thought they were joking,” he said.

However, he soon realised they were serious when he was attacked. He said he tried to defend himself but his arm was weak since he had injured it in an accident years ago.

However, The ladies couldn’t say anything better than To call him a weak man 

Watch  The Rape Video That Went Viral Blow

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