9 Secrets To Make A Girl Fall In Love With You So Easily


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There exists thousands of literature on dating dos and don’ts, making someone fall in love with you, and other types of advice falling within the spectrum of relationships. Love is a complicated thing, and I am certainly not one to speak for the entire female gender, but there are certain things that do indeed work if you’re interested in pursuing something further than surface talk and some fancy drinks with a girl.

These things below have been carefully calculated, thought out, and experienced by yours truly. For two and a half years I have had monogamous relations with someone whom I believe is secretly a member of the Secret Society of Perfectly Imperfect Men Who Walk Around Making People Fall In Love With Them. This is not to say that we haven’t had our hard times, but the hard times make us stronger, and other inspiring relationship flufferies.
He’s great, we’re great at being great, and this greatness stems from the first few months of our relationship when he wooed me like I’ve never been wooed before. He continues to woo me every day, but those initial months are what got me hooked. Like I said, I wholeheartedly believe there is a Secret Society for these men.

1. Hold the door for her.

Whether it’s the building door, elevator door, car door (big one), or even the revolving door; YOU HOLD IT. You put your strong, firm man hands on that door, back up your cute, toned butt and instruct her to enter. Say, “After you,” or “Come on in,” or “You may enter, sexy sugar mama,” or don’t even say anything at all. Stand there, look at her, and smile like you wouldn’t rather be doing anything else but standing there, looking at her, and smiling while holding that door open for her. This moment right here is often one of the first opportunities you have to show a girl what a gentleman you are. It seems so obvious, yet many men either forget that this rule exists or feel as though it’s too pretentiously courteous to actually do it. But take my word: this says SO much about you, and as you walk around to the driver’s side to join her, she will sit in your car bubbling over with joy. You will have set the tone for the entirety of the date.

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