Photos: Mad Pregnant Woman And Her Equally Mad Boyfriend Captured Smooching And Chopping Love In Public


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If you ever thought showing affection and love is reserved for only “normal couples” , then you are in for the biggest surprise of your life. 

Believe it or not , some mental patients also understand the term “affection” may probably be better at it done most so called “normal couples”

A man and woman who are obviously mentally deranged have stunned people with their public display of affection.

The man and woman are seen in broad daylight kissing and looking tenderly into each other’s eyes. The woman is pregnant and it is believed that the man is responsible.

The photos which have since gone viral were shared by Facebook user, Imalah Ugoachanum.

So the question is, if these people can publicly show soo much caring and love, what is stopping you from showering you beloved with the much needed love and affection?? Think about it.


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