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5 Ghanaian Celebs Who Are Very Down To Earth & Are The People’s Favorites



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Some Ghanaian celebs are very down to earth that one wanders how they act differently from others who act all bossy and arrogant. These people are humble and treat their fans with much respect and even in their personal lives,they exhibit such characteristics.

It is very normal for some celebs to be arrogant and others,humble. That is one of the things that comes with nature. Even twins,don’t always have the same traits.

Ghbase.com cares to bring to you 5 Ghanaian celebs who are very down to earth like they never experienced stardom.

#1. Adjetey Annan

Adjetey Annan

This man is the most humble and coolest celebrity i have ever come across. He treats everyone around him with much respect and love. He’s also one of the most loved actors in Ghana currently,having acted several movies from the very popular Things We Do For Love to Cartel and several others. He is the ladies man but hey,Adjetey is happily married.

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