Guys Get In Here! 7 Ways To Spot A Hσrny Woman From Afar


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How do you spot a hσrny woman? Most men will tell you, ‘when she is wet.’ But you really can’t go around feeling up random strangers to find out which of them is horny.

Do not fret though, if you are observant and shrewd, you will notice this simple signs that she is hσrny, even when you are in public.

7. Her eyes

First of all, you have to learn how to spot that one hσrny woman in the crowd. Look at a group of women in a bar, for example. Is there one girl who seems disinterested with what her girlfriends are talking about. She’ll be looking around listlessly, sometimes even acting bored, and you’ll be there to give her the attention she’s been looking for. The next step then is to isolate her and prime up for the kill.

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