Find out why Tinny made Wisa Greid run for his life


Wisa Greid claims Tinny sent tugs to beat him at Hitz FM studios and he had to run for his life

There is a ongoing beef between the two Ga rappers,Aletse Tinny and Wisa. Wisa on ETV Ghana, disclosed that Tinny disrespected him and Apaatse Apaa.

He said, “Tinny disrespected me. Apaatse and Tinny did a song and insulted me through some of the lyrics. And this same person says he is a legend.”

Well, the Ekiki me hitmaker was on Hitz Fm yesterday and according to him, Tinny sent tugs to beat him up after the interview so he had to ran back to the studios to save his life.

He posted,

“Tinny Aletse let me tell u this. If anybody touch me anywhere, I will come straight to u.. The boys u sent to come and beat me lastnyt after my interview on Hitz fm .. I know all of them.. Especially that skybar boy.. I know I can’t fight them that’s why I ran back to the Hitz fm studios.. Thanx to the Police n the other guys who came for me . #WisaGreid”

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