NPP Stars Vrs NDC Stars: See Who Battles Who (Photos)


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For the past months, many celebrities have involved themselves in politics trying to help a political party win this year’s general election.

Whilst some of these public figures publicly endorsed a political party this year, others have been with their parties since  the previous general election.

Today, pairs celebrities who have publicly endorsed the two leading political parties in the country, New Patriotic Party (NPP) and National Democratic Congress (NDC) to ask who you think can win votes for his or her party.

I think December 7 will judge who worked very hard but before then, lets talk about these people.

Agya Koo Vrs John Dumelo

Both actors are very popular in the country. Whilst Agya Koo is working fro NPP to win, John Dumelo is also busily campaigning for the ruling party to win this year’s general election. Who pulls crowd?

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