Ghanaian Actress Salma Mumin Wants To Act Nude And Discloses The Jaw Dropping Amount She Will Charge


Whiles most people frown against the increasing number of nude scenes in movies and music videos, it seems the trend is likely to increase in the coming years.

We have seen how one Ghanaian musician who calls himself Lorrd Paperr shooted a music video which was all about sex and the music video featured a lady totally naked.

Well most people condemned him whiles others also applauded him, but did any one ban him from performing more of such music videos?

Well, Ghanaian actress and movie producer Salma Mumin has also said she is willing to go nude in front of the camera without any shame.

In an interview with Eddy Blay Jnr on the Late Night Celebrity Show, the ‘No Man’s Land’ producer openly announced she would boldly accept to act nude in any movie if the producer could pay her a $5 million.

“I don’t see anything wrong with sex scenes. I keep referencing Lupita who went nude and got really huge and she grabbed awards all over. If I’m featuring in a movie and doing a nude scene,it will cost the producers a lot.

I don’t just play the roles for nothing;it has to make sense because if I’m playing a character to educate the youth about premarital sex,I would think it’s a good thing.

It has to be done beautifully.”

Salma Mumin continued,

“I will charge $5 million dollars for a sex scene.I’m not talking about cedis. Sex sells and producers will push you to do one or two scenes from time to push their movies but if it doesn’t make sense I won’t do it”.

Oscar award winner Lupita Nyong’o starred in a sexually-charged MTV Base Africa soap opera titled Shuga in which she juggled two men and Salma Mumin has said she won’t hesitate to do the same for $5 million.

Salma Mumin produced her first movie titled ‘No Man’s Land‘ this year.


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