PHOTOS 18+ : Lord Paperr Releases Another Na.ked Pictures


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It seems Ghanaians have not seen the last of “newly emerged” Ghanaian Rapper/Singer, Lorrd Paperr.

He became a national topic when he broke the internet with his “Ewurama” video. In the said music video, Lorrd paper was seen having hot s*x with A Ghanaian lady popularly known us Nana Yaa Jamaica.

Lorrd paper came out  to denied having s*x with her and that it was made believe.

announced that he is about to release another video titled “Pono”. He went out to tell his fans that it will be hotter than the ” ewurama” video. He subsequently released some hot photos of how the video will be like.

Fortunately or  unfortunately he didn’t release they video with excuse that a family member caution him not to.

Just late last night, he shared this photo with his fans on facebook and captioned it “TREAT HER LIKE THE QUEEN THAT SHE IS”

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